About Us

Welcome to Partfinders.co.za, your premier multi-vendor platform connecting Southern African part-suppliers with buyers in need of vehicle-related products. Whether you're searching for new, used, aftermarket, or damaged parts, our Market Place offers a comprehensive range of options.


Partfinders serves as a vital resource for the public, insurers, and vehicle repairers seeking parts that are otherwise difficult to locate. We play a crucial role in supporting the insurance industry by facilitating the procurement of used parts throughout Southern Africa. In instances where assessors struggle to find the exact part required for a repair, our innovative "Request A Part" system comes to the rescue. Users can tap into our extensive network of over 2000 suppliers and parts finders across South Africa to quickly locate the precise component they need.


At Partfinders, our slogan is simple: "Just Find It." We streamline the part-sourcing process from start to finish. Instead of painstakingly contacting numerous used parts suppliers individually, users can submit requests to all Southern African part suppliers simultaneously through our platform. Within seconds, our email and WhatsApp network connects buyers with suppliers who have the desired part in stock.

With over 25 years of experience in the part supply business, Partfinders boasts a robust database of suppliers in South Africa. We are continuously expanding our search network and welcoming new suppliers to our platform. Our mission is clear: to assist buyers in finding the right parts at the right price from reputable suppliers. Likewise, we provide part suppliers with a dedicated Market Place tailored specifically for buying and selling motor vehicle parts.

Kindly be aware that our primary objective is to swiftly fulfill requests for hard-to-find parts rather than solely offering quotes. Given the fluidity of our inventory, parts may be sold at any moment. Our extensive network encompasses thousands of suppliers in South Africa, and availability hinges on purchasing the part when it's in stock. We diligently secure the best price for requested parts at the time of inquiry. Please note that the quoted price pertains to immediate purchases only. Our specialty lies in sourcing hard-to-find parts, emphasizing our commitment to Parts Sourcing rather than quote provision alone.